L'oreal Colour Trophy 2014 Tour

For the past few weeks I have been away with L'oreal for their colour trophy tour. We started in Belfast before flying across to Glasgow then headed down to Leeds, Manchester, Cheltenham, London for two days and the finally Duxford. It was the best team I've had the pleasure of working with in a long time! Even with the copious amounts of jacket potatoes and long, long hours on coaches. 
For those of you who don't know, Colour trophy an annual competition run by L'oreal now in its 59th year! Last year I took part in the competition with Rush, you can see my blog post on it here so I was really excited to find out I'd be on the tour. 
We were the show between the judging and the announcement of the regional winners made up of two categories, Art and Restraint. I was in the Art group, as you can see it was lots of bright colours, big, soft hair in various shades of blonde. The other group, Restraint, (shown below) was lots of black, latex and corsets. Their hair was much more structured. Sleek ponytails, braids and incredible structured up-dos.
Hair by the L'oreal ID artists team. Make up by Lan Nguyen and Yuko Fredriksson . Choreography by Aicha Mckenzie. Styling by Graham Cruz.  

ELF Baked Blush In Pinktastic - The perfect Highlighter?

How I haven't blogged about this before I have no idea. It's been a staple in my make up bag for a few months now. Originally purchased as a summer blusher, after I swatched it the first time I realised it would be much better suited as a highlighter. 

Pinktastic is a gold blush with pink undertones. It's very pigmented but blends out nicely onto the skin. The fact that it has the pink pigment in it means I find that it blends in nicely with my blusher and whilst doing the job of a highlighter also adds a little colour to my cheekbones giving a sunkissed look. It subtly picks up the light without being over the top and lasts all day. 

Priced at £3.95 it's a complete bargain, and even beter so ELF regularly run promotions meaning you can easily pick it up for just £2. I can't see this loosing it's spot in my daily make up routine for a long time!

Bleach London Awkward Peach

After having my hair cut off back in February it was also taken back to blonde with a peach toner put over it. The peach toner that was used was quite bright and more pink than peach, but I love the colour it faded to so was desperate to find an alternative. After seeing countless reviews for the Bleach London products I decided to pick up Awkward Peach and give it a go. 

Firstly, I found that they're a nightmare to track down. Only two Boots shops sell them within a 5 mile radius, when I live in central London I find that a little crazy! I popped to my closest one and luckily they had one left in stock so I grabbed it and ran home excited to try it. 

I followed the directions, massaging it into washed, towel dried hair and leaving it on for 15 minutes before washing it out with luke-warm water and no shampoo.  It was easy to apply and a third of the bottle was enough to cover my whole head. I loved how moisturising it felt on my hair. It felt more like a mask than a dye. 
They weren't messing about when they said wear gloves. I didn't and ended up with bright pink hands, not a good look. 

After drying my hair my hair still felt extremely soft even though it hadn't been conditioned. The colour was a little more pink than peach than I expected but never the less it was still a beautiful subtle colour. When I used the toner on my hair when it was a darker blonde it came out a little less even and much more pink than when used on lighter. Just something to bear in mind if your hair isn't really light. It also worked on the hair that had been dyed but not my natural hair even though it is naturally a very light blonde. 

Their colours are meant to last for 2-10 washes but unfortunately this only lasted 1-2 on me which meant I was constantly reapplying. I found it lasted longer if I left it on for 30 minutes rather than the recommended 15, I also found it easy to top up by popping on a hair mask in the shower then massaging a little of this in over the top before combing it through and leaving it for 5 minutes. 

I really loved using this but unfortunately I've only got a few weeks left before I'm hopefully going back to red so I'll be swapping to their I Saw Red and Tangerine Dream toners soon to keep that vibrant.

Prices at £5 for 150ml they''re really well priced, I just wished they lasted longer on my hair. They're also regularly on 3 for 2 which is a great time to stock up! 

Sleek Lip 4 Palette in Siren

 Love me | Desire me | Miss me | Kiss me

I'm a lover of orange based lipsticks, they seem to suit my skin tone best so I was very excited when I received the Sleek Lip 4 Palette in Siren*.

I have to say I'm not the biggest fan of lip palettes, they're not nearly as practical for on the go touch ups as a lipstick however it seems that Sleek have bared this in mind and come up with a compact which is small, sturdy and comes with a great sized mirror and brush, meaning it isn't a pain to pop it into your handbag. 

I was extremely surprised at the pigmentation of these. I was expecting more of a semi-sheer gloss but these really pack a punch. They're completely opaque in a single swipe, and very long lasting. I'd recommend applying them with a brush as they can get a little messy otherwise and they do stain a little though so a good remover is needed. 

There are five other palettes in the range and I definitely want to get my hands on a few more! Some really beautiful shades throughout. Priced at £8.99 each they're a great way to carry multiple colours around with you at once and moving from day to night.

Elemis White Flowers Eye & Lip Make Up Remover

Elemis White Flowers Eye & Lip Make Up Remover*

I was kindly sent this bottle at the perfect time having recently changed mascara and finding it a chore to remove every night. Anything that could potentially speed up the process was welcomed with open arms, as let's face it, who wants to be scrubbing at their eyes for 10 minutes every evening before bed? 

This bi-phase formula from Elemis contains a water and oil cleanser which you shake to combine before using. I love oil cleansers as they make such light work of removing even waterproof mascara, but Elemis have always been known for calming and soothing so I was curious to see if it'd be up to the job and oh my, it is! 

It is the only thing I am yet to try that breaks down my mascara in under a minute. It's extremely gentle, with no scrubbing, just a soaked cotton pad on each eye left for about 10 seconds before wiping and repeating a few times. The peony extract has a cooling effect on the eyes and soothes them as it gets to work which really is lovely, especially in the evening to help wind down. 

As you can see from the packaging though it is aimed at lips too so I decided to put it tot he test with a lip stain and again after a minute all traces were gone. As it is a bi-phase cleanser it does leave a slightly oily residue but I find a swipe of toner easily takes it away. 

Priced at £19 for 125ml it's a little pricey yes but I will be rushing out to pick up another bottle the second this one's nearly out, it is just that good. 

Have you tried Elemis before? What's your favourite bi-phase cleanser? 

Xiao Li A/W 2014 - LFW

I tried to stay away from LFW this season as I figured short pink hair wasn't going to be most peoples cup of tea and there was no point in wasting mine or their time. As most of the Vauxhall Fashion Scout shows are cast at the same time in one room I figured I'd head to this one anyway and whack round a good 15 designers in an hour. As I expected most didn't want short hair, or found the colour to be too distracting from their collection, although it was exactly what Xiao Li had planned. 

I arrived early on the Saturday morning and went straight into make up. It was such a beautiful look, a bright pop of fushia pink swept over the eyes and a soft powder pink on the lips to match the hair. 

Then it was off to hair. We had out hair ever so slightly tonged to give a subtle wave before being whisked off with face masks before being sprayed with a combination of Toni and Guys pink powder spray and dry shampoo to give all over pink texture. It looked absolutely amazing! I'm definitely now wanting to get my hands on the pink spray for when I feel like adding more colour. 

 The clothes where seriously amazing, it was no wonder she'd won the merit award at only 26. Her collection, said to be inspired by Icelandic scenery, was a beautiful range of ice whites and pastel and bright blues combined with silicone moldings of chains and denim. Her finally look even lit up, it really was a stunning collection.

It was an honor to open the show and have walked for such an inspiring designer even when not really 'doing' fashion week. 

What do you think of the collection?

(These photos were not taken by me and were found via twitter)

Sunday Catch Up #31

Pancake addiction | Nicest Spa | Cute quote | Fell in love with this wedding location | Bought a jumpsuit that's long enough! | New housemate | Snuggling with this guy on our journey home | Jeffrey! |

What a busy week! Our new housemate moved in last weekend so it's been a lovely week of lots of wine and getting to know him. 

On Thursday I luckily had the day off, as did my mum so I told her to jump on the train up for a much needed day together. We started with my first wedding dress shopping experience, my mum happened to spot a gown in the window just as I was trying the last dress I picked and insisted I tried it on, we both fell in love with it then found out it costs a whopping £6400, I will now spend the next year trying to justify it! 
I then booked us into the Akasha spa set in Hotel Cafe Royal set on Regent Street. I cannot recommend it enough, the staff were lovely, the facilities are amazing and we left so relaxed.
We then met my Fiance and brother for some wine and dinner at one of my favourite spots just off of bond street. It really was the most perfect day! 

Yesterday our lovely friend drove me and Sam on a 4 and a half hour road trip to pick up our new little man Jeffrey. After four months of adoption process we were so happy to finally collect him and welcome him into our home. He is the happiest little hog and was so calm and tame from the moment we got him, we cannot wait to get to know him better.

Have you been up to much this week?

My Favourite Look From The New Sleek Del Mar Volume 1 Palette

As promised yesterday, here is my favourite look using Sleek's newest i-Divine palette, Del Mar Volume 1.
I really didn't image I'd love an orange and pink eye shadow so much but I really do! It's subtle and summery whilst making an impact. 

To create the look I swept 'Sunset Strip' all over my lid. Along my lash line and towards the outer corner I then blended in 'On the Rocks' to give it more of a pop before adding in a little 'Lounge Lovers' to the inner corner and on the brow bone.

What do you think of this look? Would you wear it?

Sleek Make Up i-Divine Del Mar Palette

Sleek Make Up i-Divine Del Mar Palette*

I was so excited to get my hands on Sleek's latest offering, the Del Mar Volume 1 palette. They're a brand I'm loving more and more with every product I try but I'd somehow never tried their eye shadow palettes before. 

The new palette features 12 shades ranging from the very bright to the more pastel. It's definitely has a summery feel about them and the second I started swatching I was dreaming of wearing them on a beach somewhere nice and hot. 
I'm really impressed with the quality, the shadows are very pigmented, especially the top row, so colour pay off is great. They're also pretty smooth, I was expecting them to be much more chalky for a high street brand but they're really a dream to work with and blend out beautifully for both a bright bold look or a sweep of subtle colour.

From left to right - Lounge Lovers, Poolside, Sunset Strip, Ambience, Chilled out blue and Marlin.
From left to right - Opening Party, On the Rocks, Talamanca, Feel Euphoric, Baleric Beat and Paradise

I had a play around with the colours expecting them not to be very me but honestly they're a lot more wearable than I first imagined.  Sunset Strip and On the Rocks work beautifully with a hint of gold and I can see it being a look I wear a lot when the sun is out, especially with my new peach hair colour. Poolside and Marlin are also going to be worn a lot together when I'm feeling bold. Tomorrow I'll be posting my favourite look I've created with this palette to show just how wearable it is. 

This limited edition palette from Sleek Launches in April for an amazing £7.99

What do you think of the Del Mar Volume 1 palette from Sleek? Will you be rushing out to buy it?

Sunday Catch Up #30

The library is my new best friend | New goodies from Weleda | Pancakes! | Beautiful walk along the river | Monday's shoot | New photo | Another new photo | Behind the scenes on Friday's shoot |

What a busy few weeks, with the new hair cut comes shooting as many new photos for my portfolio as possible to get it updated! On Monday I was lucky enough to work with two amazing people I've worked with before as well as a new addition so I knew it'd be a great shoot. Friday was a last minute job as the model booked happened to be ill but it was amazing, such a fun shoot and I cannot wait to show you all! It was also the first fashion film I've shot in a while so it was good to mix it up a bit. 

I've been making sure I take enough me time out of my hectic schedule to do things I want and have some downtime and it's making such a difference. As you may have seen I'm back blogging regularly which I'm loving and hoping even when things get busier this year I can still keep it up as I really missed it. 

I hope you've all had a wonderful week! What did you get up to?

Redken Symposium 2014 - With Andrew Barton

I started February with a bang. It's always a pleasure to work with both Redken and Andrew Barton so when I heard that I'd been booked for the Redken Symposium for Andrew Barton's section I couldn't wait. I knew it'd be big, bold and dramatic, no half measures and how right I was. 

After two days of rehearsals we started the morning with some seriously tight plaits to keep my hair flat and help secure the wig, the bottom section of my hair was tonged for added padding when the wig went on to get it as big as possible.
After that it was straight into make up which was headed by the incredible Lan Nguyen. Keeping with the pop art theme of our section she channeled old Roy Lichtenstein paintings, starting with airbrushing our faces white before painting on our black expression lines and sticking on tons of stickers. (Gutted I didn't think to use stickers when I did this look for halloween last year!)

I got pretty excited when the wig was being put on as brunette is the only color I haven't actually been and I really liked it! I may just have to give it a run in the future. Though as you can see above, brown just wasn't going to cut it so it was off to a ventilated corner to spray the whole thin

Ready for the stage I was completely unrecognisable. It has to be the most incredible combination of hair styling and make up I've been lucky enough to wear in quite some time. It's always fun playing dress up, especially when it's this extreme! 

As you can see it was quite a show! Words and pictures just don't do it justice so I thought I'd pop the video highlights from Andrew Barton's section below. It really was incredible to be a part of!