No Rest for the Wicked

It's been one very hectic week for me and I couldn't be happier. 
I opted out of fashion week shows this season but that doesn't mean there wasn't a ton of fashion week related work. That combined with lots of test shoots of my new red hair means I have hardly had time to sit down this week.  
I thought I'd share a few behind the scenes shots from work this week as it may be a while before I get the photos back. 

(Behind the scenes shots from my first two shoots of the week)

The first half of my week was spent testing in order to fill up my portfolio with some shots of the red hair. A test is a photo shoot where everyone works for free in order to get new photos for their portfolio.

(fittings and catwalk looks for Nicole Farhi)

The second half of my week was spent doing fittings for various designers. With their London fashion week shows fast approaching the stress s on for them to complete their collection, make sure it all fits perfectly and plan what looks will be sent down the catwalk. The photo shows thirteen hours work with Nicole Farhi and their beautiful collection (I cannot wait to see photos of it when it is shown tomorrow!) it was finally finished.

(Two of the hair and make up looks from my shoot today)

Today I had the pleasure of shooting with an amazing team. The photographer is shooting the Japanese hair awards tomorrow so needed a model to test out the style and lighting. He promised me shots for my portfolio in exchange for me helping him out. We started out very natural and commercial and then moved on to the more editorial looks as seen above. We all loved it so much that we continued to shoot like it for hours. This is the most excited about a shoot I have been in a while. So much so that I couldn't resit to snap a sneaky picture of the contact sheet from one of the looks and a close up of one of the projections below.

(some of the photos from today's projection shoot)

The busy week continues tomorrow with the first of a two day shoot for Matrix hair trends. Time for me to get some sleep to be up bright and early.

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