A Big Change - The Evolution of My Hair

I used to be incredibly protective of my hair. I am very fortunate to have naturally light blonde, dead straight hair and lots of it. After the daily torment it went through on shoots and shows it was a miracle that I managed to keep it in such good condition.
I have had a love hate relationship with the length of my hair for years. My hair grows fast so I'd grow it down past my waist, get bored and cut it off and repeat. Occasionally I'd cut in a fringe as well but most of the time regret it a few months later. 

(The shorter with a fringe and the super long)

Last year I decided that it is in fact just hair, that life is too short and hair grows too fast not to experiment.
I decided to stick with a shorter length just below my shoulders and keep my newly cut in fringe for good but I wasn't yet quite satisfied. The big change came after a naughty hairdresser, I wont name names, bleached my hair on a shoot without asking. It was masked with a wash out red dye so I didn't notice until a few weeks later when I started to get roots and could feel my hair becoming dryer. At first I was mortified, I couldn't leave it to grow out so I had the choice of continuing to bleach my hair and destroy it or take the plunge and change the colour dramatically as I'd loved the temporary red so much. I decided to become a red head permanently and I couldn't be happier with it now. 
The amazing Sharon at Sanrizz was the one to complete the transformation. She did such a brilliant job and I instantly knew I was going to be a red head for a very long time.

Below are some of the photos of my new hair for Sanrizz shot by Sebastian Boettcher.

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