Dainty Doll Haul

After on other blogs that fragrance direct had dainty doll products for crazy cheap prices I had to place an order immediately!

Dainty Doll is a brand I've always wanted to try as it is designed for pale complexions and sounded perfect for me. I loved that I wasn't the lightest shade for once!

The products I purchased were:
Loose mineral powder in Now that I've Found You 002
Concealer in abracadabra 002
Powder blusher in Happy Shake
Macara and eye liner duo in Good Gosh
Lipstick in Storm in a Teacup

The entire lot came to a ridiculously cheap £10.95 rather than the RRP of £77.50!

As it was my first order with fragrance direct I was surprised at the range on their website (I may have ordered a few too many nail polishes too!) and their quick delivery times even when choosing second class post. However I made the mistake of not double checking swatches and ended up with a rather lilac shade of blusher rather than their swatch which shows a peachy one! I also had heard that the products were quite old and did find my concealer to have a dark orange film over the top which did wipe off easily after the initial scare that I'd bought the wrong shade, so beware!

My initial thoughts on the products after using them for a few weeks are:

Loose mineral powder in Now that I've Found You 002: It is described as a light coverage foundation however it personally didn't give me ANY coverage, I honestly couldn't see any difference compared to bare skin. I have however added this to my daily routine as my setting powder and love it. My one problem with it is the fact that barely any products gets through to the brush, I've found myself unscrewing the bottom every time which is a bit annoying. It also has a slight floral scent which I'm not to keen on.

Concealer in abracadabra 002: I am really enjoying using this concealer  It's a perfect colour match on me and isn't too heavy or cakey. It has a cream to powder consistency which blends in nicely with my foundation. This has been in my bag constantly since I bought it for on the go touch ups.

Powder blusher in Happy Shake: This was the product I was expecting to receive in a different shade. I will admit that I haven't even tried this yet so I can't comment on it as I can't see this lilac suiting my skin tone or hair colour at all. I was going to return it but it seems too much hassle when it was only £1.99. I may try it out eventually or give it to my friend for her make up kit.

Mascara and eye liner duo in Good Gosh: I am still on the fence about this product. The eyeliner brush is great as it's small and has the right amount of flexibility. The eyeliner is not very opaque so requires a few coats but is quite long wearing. The mascara I also liked however I found it a bit dry and there wasn't much product in the tube. A problem I'd imagine is again down to the fact that people have commented that their products are a bit old.

Lipstick in Storm in a Teacup: I have fallen in love with this lipstick. It is a great everyday colour on me, it is nicely pigmented, moisturising and fairly long wearing. Annoyingly the lipstick has come away from the tube meaning it's no longer one to pop in my hand bag for easy touch ups.

Have you tried any products from Dainty Doll? What are your favourites?

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