Flashback Friday #2

 I decided that today's flashback Friday would be a double flashback. 

In September 2011 I walked in a show for Redken at the O2 academy in Brixton. 
I think the photos say enough but just in case you can't tell, I am the blonde with the blue acetate wrapped around her head, with a blue feather skirt and neon pink tights - not my normal look I have to say! The hair I'll admit was painful. The structure underneath my own hair was heavy but it did look pretty cool so it was worth it. 

Above - The artistic team models finale
Above left: The three models in my colour blocking group in the opening scene. Above right: Me on the catwalk

Fast forward a year to September 2012 and I was booked again but this time prepared for the crazy hair and armed with pain killers!
This year I was put in the futuristic section. When they revealed the hairstyle to me I laughed part nerves part humor  It took a large team a very long time to even figure out how to get the structure to stay on my head without falling off, cutting me or ripping my hair out! It was a long and painful process plus with the hair height and heels it made me over 7ft so walking around the venue was interesting but it all came together perfectly. Unfortunately the day they decided to spray my hair was the day my shower had decided to break so I had to shower in the academy, very very gross.
The first set of photos are behind the scenes taken on my phone of the process and the second are from the stage show. 

Above left: The extensions were braided in and my hair sprayed grey. 
Above middle: The hair was prepped ready for last minute construction so it wasn't too painful and the make up was done.
Above right: The final look! 

 Above: The three models from my futuristic category

Above: Me on the catwalk
All catwalk photos courtesy of hair journal

I hope you enjoyed looking at these! Who knows I may make it third time lucky and have another set to show you this September! 

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