London Nightlife: My Favourite Places to Eat and Dance

Like most girls I go through phases of wanting to be extremely sociable and others where I like to go into hibernation and spend my evenings curled up in bed with my boyfriend watching Greys Anatomy or Criminal Minds re-runs.
Lately I've been in the more sociable mood. With weekly emails from my agency offering nights out at new interesting places I feel it would be silly to turn them down no? 
I thought I'd share some of my favourite places in London which I've had the pleasure of going to lately. 

First up is an all time favourite of mine, Maddox. Set on a back street just off of Regent Street, I have been going here since I first turned 18 and moved to London. I consider it my 'home' of clubs now. I have never had a bad night here, be it with just two friends or thirty it provides a guaranteed girly, let your hair down, fun filled night. The night usually starts with dinner which I can't recommend more. The set menu changes frequently but their amazing roast potatoes are always there to accompany the beautifully cooked mains. I will get in so much trouble for this but they even rival my mums! After we've finished eating, the table tops and bench cushions are whisked away, ice buckets and drinks are placed on top, the lights dimmed and the music turned up. I have had many a night here where I have been enjoying myself so much that I finally look at my phone and go 'oh, is that the time? The sun is coming up I should probably go home to bed!' 

Next is another favourite of mine, Bodo's Schloss. An Austrian Alpine themed restaurant and club in Kensington. I have been here probably every night of the week now and each one has been equally as enjoyable. From fondue Mondays with cheese, meat or chocolate with a shot of rum in it, to retro ski nights where the entire club transforms into something worthy of a vintage St Moritz postcard. With an amazing menu including schnitzel and Nuernberger 
sausages as well as some incredible drink displays of shots bought out on ski's, cocktails in ski boots and ice sculpture castles full of champagne. They have the atmosphere down to a T. An unforgettable night and a great escape in the heart of London.

My preferred mid week spot is Annabel's. The food is some of the best I have tasted in London. I will never forget the baileys creme brulee I had there (I definitely ended up eating three, whoops!) it was incredible! Their cocktails are also equally as yummy. The night can go one of two ways. Me and the girls end up chatting for hours before eating ourselves into food comas and slumping into taxis or hitting the dance floor until the early hours. A brilliant night either way!

Last on my list purely for the sensational food is Blakes. A bustling bar and restaurant set in the basement of a hotel located in a hidden corner of Kensington. I was pleasantly surprised when I first went here knowing nothing about where I was going for my evening. I walked down the stairs expecting a quiet restaurant but I couldn't have been more wrong. The atmosphere was great, I was greeted with a glass of champagne to catch up with the girls with before being seated an hour or so later. To start they bought out a selection of appetisers including salmon tartare, cheese souffle and black cod har gau. For main I had lobster which was unbelievable tasty. Finishing off a beautiful meal with a raspberry and chocolate cake with nutella ice cream and nougat (photo below!). Incredible food, location, atmosphere and service. A place I definitely need to go back to soon!

And what sort of post would this be without some instargrammed shots from nights at these various places! 

Have you been to any of these restaurants and clubs? Where is your favourite place to go in London?

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