17 Miracle Matte Foundation

17 Miracle Matte Foundation

As a very pale girl I always find it tough to find a foundation that colour matches. When searching for a new one I normally have the same routine, find a foundation that sounds like it will suit my skin type, swatch the lightest one, and then more often than not, move on when it is too dark. 
The majority of high street brands don't make foundations light enough for my skin tone so imagine my excitement when I saw that 17 had a foundation that was not only targeted at us pale girls but was also sounding promising for combating my oily patches and at only £5.99.
I had very high hopes for this foundation with its claims of 16 hours of shine control, matte finish and as perfect colour match for my skin it sounded perfect for me. 

I went for the lightest shade 'Soft Ivory' although the other five shades in the range don't differ too much and unless your skin is lighter than 'Biscuit' you have no hope with this product.
At first I was a bit put off. Although brand new it was as if air had gotten into the tube and I found it near impossible to push the pump down as some had gotten stuck in it and dried, it was fine once I had removed it though I have found it to do this occasionally if I don't use it for a few days. 
This also says a lot about the formula itself as it is very fast drying. You have to apply this in very small sections and blend before continuing or it drys quickly and almost disintegrates on your face. Not a great look! However if applied quickly it does look flawless on me and does stay put for a good 8 hours without touch ups.
It is described as a full coverage foundation yet I would definitely say that if you use a little amount and buff it in it is more of a medium coverage which I personally prefer.
My main problem with this foundation is that it is not buildable in the slightest. Once applied, that is it, you can't add any more or it separates. I'm not just talking about applying more of the same foundation, I have also tried it with three different concealers and it does the same thing, which is fine if you don't have any blemishes that need covering, but for days when you do, it's not ideal. 

If you have pale, quite clear skin to begin with and want to keep shine at bay then I would definitely recommend this for you. However for most of us who get the occasional break out, don't expect it to make you feel concealed and confident on those day at all!

Priced at £5.99 from Boots for 30ml.
Currently all 17 products are buy one get one half price at Boots.

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