Andrew Barton SOS Help Me! Twice a Week Conditioner

Andrew Barton S.O.S Help Me! Twice a Week Conditioning*

I first discovered this conditioner after Andrew kindly gave me a pot when I was working with him last year. 
The product describes itself as 'The superstar of hair treatments. For when hair needs SOS repair. Gorgeous Shea Butter helps to gently mend all the cracks, smoothes the hair cuticles and adds supercharged shine.' 

After opening this and smelling it I could not wait to jump in the shower and slather it on my ends. 
I cannot stress how delicious this smells, and that is just the beginning of how much I love this product. 
After leaving it on for five minutes, when washing it out my hair felt incredibly soft and that continued after blow drying. It had tamed any frizz at the ends, and my hair felt nourished and super silky. 
The more I used this mask the better my hair was feeling and it quickly became one of my holy grail products, especially after a day of blow drying, tonging and crimping at a shoot, it instantly restores my hair back to beautiful condition.
As I was gifted this product and had seen such amazing results with it I was expecting a pretty hefty price tag when I purchased another tub but I couldn't have been more wrong. 

At just £3 for a 300ml tub it is a complete bargain and I have lost count of how many times I have repurchased this. Annoyingly it is only available at ASDA and as I live no where near one I make sure I stock up whenever I am at my parents. I am also keen to try more of the products in this range. All at £3 each I'm not sure why I haven't before!

Have you used this conditioner before? What did you think?

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