Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo

Bumble  and Bumble Sunday Shampoo*

When I dyed my hair red for the first time through all the excitement one of the first things that came to mind was 'Nooo! I can't use my favourite shampoo anymore!' 

As a blonde I relied on this weekly to strip my hair of product build up from the week as well as when hair stylists went a bit crazy on a shoot and a normal shampoo wasn't going to cut it.
As it is such a clarifying shampoo it is only designed to be used once a week, hence being called Sunday Shampoo, although it can be used any day of the week. Over use will dry the hair out, but if used once a week I found that it made my roots squeeky clean and I didn't see signs of grease for an extra day or two compared to when using my regular shampoo.

A little goes a long way and I think I had this bottle for nearly a year and you can see my usage for that amount of time.
Don;t make the same mistake as I did when I first used this. It lathers up very well so you really only need about half the amount you would use of a regular shampoo.

It is advised that you don't use this on colour treated hair because it is so strong however I have used this a few times since going red and didn't see a huge difference in my colour after doing so.As red pigment fades much faster than other dyes I am used to it fading quickly anyway. I tend to use this just before I know I am having my hair redyed to give my scalp some tlc before my colour becomes vibrant again. 

Bumble and Bumbles Sunday Shampoo retails for £15.50 for a 250ml bottle.

Have you tried this shampoo before? What other Bumble and Bumble products would you recommend?

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