Bumble and Bumble White Hair Powder

Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder*

I am yet to find a dry shampoo that can contend with Bumble and Bumbles Hair Powder. 
With a 4 shade range designed for different hair colours darker haired girls need not worry about the white residue you get from other brands.

As I used this when I was a very light blonde I chose the white shade as the blonde was a bit too yellow for me. I instantly fell in love with its ability to remove any sign of grease from my hair as well as giving it beautiful volume.
It also doubles up as a texturising spray and works great on just washed hair that needs a bit of grip before being put up.
And as if that wasn't enough uses for one product, due to it being pigmented it means that it is great for root touch ups in between hair dyes.

I would recommended using a clarifying shampoo to prevent this product from building up as it is quite thick. 

Bumble and Bumbles hair powder is quite pricey at £16 for a 28g can however mine did last me a long time as you only need to use it sparingly to get the desired effect. 
I have just given the remainder of my can to my mum as now my hair is red this shade wont work with me. 
I am curious as to whether bumble and bumble make a red hair powder as I have seen a few reviews online yet am unable to find it for sale anywhere but if they do I will definitely be snapping it up as it is so worth the price. If you know where it retails please do leave a comment below!

You can buy Bumble and Bumbles hair powder from their website and in selected salons and boots.

Have you tried hair powder before? What is your favourite shampoo?

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