Wednesday Wishlist #2 - Shoes, Shoes and More Shoes!

I had a bit of a shoe clear out this morning so what did I do straight after? Jump on the internet to lust over new shoes of course!

Even at a rather tall 5'11 I still love heels a ridiculous amount. The bigger, chunkier and more bizarre the better. It took me a long time to embrace my height and decide it was okay for me to wear heels, whether it be ones which make me a giant or even smaller heels for every day wear. Of course the comments and looks I receive bug me but why should I miss out on all the beautiful shoes right?! 
Rant over, let the shop continue. I found one pair I wanted, and then another, and another until all of a sudden I had an entire wishlist ready and had to share my finds.

All of the shoes in this post were found on ebay by various sellers. All in multiple colours so if you like the style but not the colour still take a look. Ranging from a mere £13.98 to just £33.98.

Top left: Found here for £33.90 including p&p - I instantly loved how chic these looked and much more expensive than their retail price! They'll go with practically anything and look quite comfortable considering their height due the the fact they are wedges and their heel to platform ratio.

Top middle: Found here for £33.98 including p&p - I already own these in black and they are my most worn heels. I thought this colour would be perfect for the summer. It's such a beautiful shade of mint green.

Top right: Found here for £13.98 including p&p - Did I mention I liked bizarre heels? These are shoes that you'd definitely get a lot comments on. They are total show stoppers. I find the shape beautiful. Perfect for teaming with simple black leggings and a sheer black shirt for a hint of drama. I cannot believe how cheap these are!

Middle left: Found here for £30.94 including p&p -  I think I just found my perfect summer heels! The neutral colour means it will go with most things, plus the heels height isn't huge so they'd be a great shoe to go from day to night. Simple yet gorgeous!

Middle middle: Found here for £23.98 including p&p - I am aware these look like winter boots but let's face it, this is England, it rains all the time, and with no guarantee of a summer, buying boots in late March is completely okay. Plus they're a beautiful colour.

Middle right: Found here for £18.99 including p&p - Another pair of shoes I already own in black. My most worn flat shoes so it makes sense to add another pair in a neutral palette to go with my outfits when black is too harsh right? Though I'm sure with some hunting I could find them cheaper, my topshop ones didn't even cost this much.

Bottom left: Found here for £13.98 including p&p - I've seen so many people wearing various versions of these, they look so comfortable and seem like great every day casual heels, and they're a total bargain! I think they'd be ideal castings shoes for me!

Bottom middle: Found here for £26.98 including p&p - I am sensing that I like this heel shape quite a bit. Another dramatic pair of shoes which are bound to get noticed! The colour is amazing and I can see these looking great dressed up with a nice dress or even just with jeans.

Bottom right: Found here for £21.98 including p&p - I own countless pairs of black Chelsea style boots but something about these jumped out at me and I couldn't resist adding them to the list. The studs are more subtle than my other studded pairs and they look amazing yet practical for everyday wear running around London.

Which are your favourite pair? Are you one to wear heels regularly?

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