A Red Heads Dream?

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As any fellow faux red heads will know, keeping red hair vibrant is a challenge. This is down to the fact that the molecules of red hair dye are much larger and heavier than in any other dye meaning that it can't penetrate the hair shaft so sits on the surface. This is why it washes off much quicker and the shower runs red! 
Because I am naturally so blonde and my hair has not been pre bleached it means that my hair cuticles are even more closed meaning dye sticks less. I've spent the past few months trying a record amount of shampoos, conditioners and treatments to try and keep it bright and this is my winning combination so far!

No this is not a sponsored post this is just what is really working for me!

I alternate between the color conserve shampoo and the madder root shampoo to keep the colour locked in. Both are gentle cleansers which means the colour isn't stripped from my hair with each wash. The madder root shampoo also contains red clover so the shampoo is slightly pigmented. As I've been advised to wash my hair as little as possible I was worried about using such mild shampoos but they honestly leave my hair squeaky clean and able to be left unwashed for a few days! 

On most washes I use the color conserve conditioner to follow. It is a light conditioner that doesn't weigh my fine hair down whilst sealing the hair follicle and protecting it from daily factors which increase fading such as heat, sun and environmental factors.

Every 3-4 washes I use the madder root conditioner followed by the camomile conditioner. I use both as I wan to keep my hair more of an orange/copper colour than bright red. Originally I was advised to mix the two however when I did it made more of a pink shade than orange. The more my hair faded as I used it the more peach my hair became and although I loved the shade and got a lot of comments on how beautiful and unique it was, I couldn't keep it like that for work. I learnt that If I applied the red to brighten it up and then after rinsing follow with the yellow the effect was much better for me, though more time consuming. It is recommended that you leave it on for 2-5 minutes though longer for a more intense colour pay off. I normally leave it on for 20 if I can and the result isn't too intense so don't worry about it going too bright! 

After towel drying along with my usual routine of hair oils and heat protectents I have now added the daily color protect. It has a ton of ingredients to help keep hair protected and bright such as larch tree to seal in colour, green tea to prevent environmental stressers and a  blend of wintergreen and cinnamon oil help protect colour from UVA/UVB damage.

I have noticed a HUGE difference in how quickly my colour fades since using this selection of products. I can now go longer between dyes which means keeping my hair in better condition, the shower no longer runs bright red every time and my hair feels softer and more manageable.
Not only do these products work but they smell incredible! Even on the hair long after washing.

Yes it is a pricey set of products but they are saving the condition of my hair from continuous hair dyes. As well as money in the long run as I can go longer between salon visits. 

These products retail for:
Aveda color conserve shampoo £15.50 for 250ml

Have you tried any Aveda hair products before? What is your best way to keep red hair red?

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