Botanics Facial Oil

 (Botanics Facial Oil)

I first spotted this online a few months ago but whenever I popped into boots it was always out of stock. I finally managed to find one a few weeks ago (the last one!) and have been testing it out ever since.
Botanics is a brand I have always been intrigued by. It is a collaboration between Boots and Kew Gardens who have teamed up to develop a range of plant based skin care aimed at different skin care concerns. 
I have been meaning to add a new facial oil to my routine for a while and I decided on this one after being enticed by the great reviews I'd heard, the fact that it is 100% organic, and of course the fact that it is currently half price in Boots!
I used to be terrified of facial oils as I already had oily skin, why would I want to add more?! That was until a brilliant make up artist informed that in fact oily skin is only oily because it is dehydrated and therefore overproducing oil to compensate. Using oils on your face hydrate your skin deep down and balance out oil production. She was completely right and facial oils have been a staple in my skin care routine ever since. 

The packing of Botanics facial oil feels quite luxurious with the frosted glass bottle and the handy pipette though I personally find the label ruins the look a little. The oil itself has quite a strong smell but it's definitely bearable and not as strong once applied to the face. On contact it melts into skin instantly, I prefer to use this before bed as even though it suggests to use it morning and night I personally find it too greasy for underneath my make up. 
After using this for a few weeks I can say it is a great product! My skin has felt softer and plumper with more of a glow when I wake up in the morning. My skin feels less oily with daily use and I have also found it reduces the appearance off blemish scaring which is a great factor for me. 
This has now made its way into my regular night time skin care routine!

Botanics 100% organic facial oil is currently on offer for £4.99 in boots (normally £9.99) for 25ml. 
Do you enjoy using facial oils too? Which are your favourite?

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