Flashback Friday #3

(packing up after the two days of shooting, the cars go into trailers)

Last September I was booked as an extra in the new fast and furious film due out next month.
It was definitely one of my most memorable jobs!

(Me and two of my fellow model friends dressed in our first night outfits)

We arrived at 5pm on Saturday in the crew holding building and were given a blanket and a set of crocs, glamorous right! 
I was then taken straight to be spray tanned as I was naturally too pale for them and then to hair and make up. It wasn't the usual look I was given on jobs but it was good fun! 
We were then taken for breakfast, and no you're not the only one confused, but I found out it was a trick they used to keep you awake through out the night. You have breakfast around 7pm, lunch around 1am and dinner around 3am. It strangely worked!
As you can see in the photos above our outfits were slightly, ahem, revealing! This was the outfit for the first day and for day two it was underwear and fishnets. We were in these until 5am outside in very cold temperatures for most of the time so it was hard work, but having so many friends around made it much easier. That as well as the beautiful (and warm) cars to jump into in between filming and Vin Diesel bringing us coffee.
After two very cold and very long nights I slept most of Monday but I did have a great time and I can't wait to try and spot myself and friends in the film! 

(My ridiculous tan line!)

It took days to wash off the tan and my boyfriend did find it hilarious when I came home looking a bit like an oompa loompa, I think I'll stick to being pale!

The film is out mid May but you can watch the trailer below now.

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