L'oreal Colour Trophy Competition - Rush Sutton

On Thursday the 4th of April I spent a great day getting my hair done and modelling for Rush as their entry for the Loreal Color Trophy Awards. 

It was a long day. 13 hours to be precise. 
I lost count of the hours I spent having my hair done. They started with lightening my ends and fringe with blonde dye as I didn't want my hair bleached, whilst the rest of it was covered in red pigment to ensure it was the brightest red it could possibly be. The ends and fringe were then dyed orange and blended perfectly into the red to create a new twist on the ombre trend. 

The flash really shows you how bright it was and how amazingly the colours blended! 
After rehearsals, quickly getting changed in the toilets and the worlds fasted make up the competition started. 
 35 female and 26 male models took to our chairs and were joined by our hair stylist for a final 45 minutes to  finish off our looks. We were then taken to catwalk one by one, before standing for over an hour next to our numbers whilst the team of judges wandered around the room scoring each look and picking their favourites. I can't say that part was the funnest, and watching girls faint because the room was ridiculous hot was horrid! But after an hour or so it was now time for a final catwalk before joining my team at rush for them to announce the winners.
We came a very respectable 8th out of 35 contenders!

Unfortunately as much as I loved the dip dye and would have given anything to keep it, work meant that I couldn't so it was back to Rush at Piccadilly to have it dyed back. 
If you're looking for a new salon you should definitely give it a try! Beautiful salon with amazing hair dressers who treated me like a princess, I really enjoyed my few hours there!

Just incase I didn't explain it too well here is the video to show you the highlights of the London heat for Loreal Colour Trophy.

What do you think of my dip dye look?

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