Lush Dark Angels Fresh Facial Cleanser

 (Lush Dark Angels Fresh Facial Cleanser)

After previously using and loving Lush's Angels on Bare Skin fresh cleanser I came to the end of my pot and decided to pop into Lush to see what else they had to offer. 
When I was told that this was invented as an alternative to angels on bare skin for people with oilier skin I knew this had to be the next one I tried. With winter finally behind us (thank god!) my skin is no longer being freeze dried ever time I leave my house or being blasted with hot air when I'm home. This means it's back to its slightly oilier self, though only on my forehead, I'm guessing due to my fringe.
It's key ingredients are rhassoul mud, powdered charcoal and black sugar to thoroughly clean, scrub and absorb oil and avocado oil and vegetable glycerin to keep in moisture and soften skin so not to strip it of its natural goodness. 

After I got over the initial shock of smearing a black paste all over my face I did love using this cleanser. Though I would definitely say it is more of a scrub.
I start by taking a pea size amount and mixing it with a very small about of warm water until it forms a paste. I like to keep it quite thick to apply it to my face. Once applied I massage it in with wet hands to dilute in more or it goes everywhere when it runs off your hands. 
It smells faintly to me of licorice which I personally love, though know a lot of people who don't so this wont be to everyone taste.
The texture is soft but the black sugar in it is quite abrasive. Definitely too much for an every day cleanser but great as a twice weekly scrub. As this is designed for oily skins I was worried it would dry mine out too much but it hasn't at all, in fact my dry patches seem to have mostly disappeared.
One thing I do have to mention is how messy this product is! It takes a while to make sure every scrap of black is off of your face and I personally go over my face with toner to make sure it is all removed. Also I'd only recommend applying it over a sink or in the shower or you'll spend just as much time cleaning your bathroom as your face. 

Overall I really am enjoying using this cleanser. It's effective yet not drying. I've personally broken out a bit since using it but it was ones I could feel under the surface before so I'm guessing it drew them out and I haven't had any blemishes in the past week so fingers crossed!

Lush Dark Angels Cleanser retails for £6.25 for 100g at Lush shops. 

Have you tried this cleanser before? Which is your favourite Lush cleanser?

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