Lush Dream Cream

 Lush Dream Cream

I was bought this as a gift at Christmas and was so excited to use it! I'd heard some great things about it and as I suffer from mild eczema on my arms and legs especially in the colder months it seemed perfect for me. 

I was not wrong!
Containing oat milk to calm damaged skin and treat eczema, olive oil and cocoa butter to soften, rose water to help heal and maintain the skins natural PH balance. This cream contains just about every great ingredient to make skin beautiful.

This quickly became one of my favourite body moisturisers.
It's so incredibly gentle on my skin, hydrates really well and smells divine. It's such a relaxing scent so this is definitely one of my pre bed time treats to send me off to the land of zzzz. My skin is definitely clearer since using this, my eczema has almost vanished and my skint one is more even on my legs. My boyfriend definitely agrees as I'm sure he actually uses this more than me he loves it so much!
I've also hear that it makes a great aftersun and is great at healing tattoos.

Now this also may sound a bit odd to some of you but have you ever gotten out of the shower after shaving your legs and applied moisturiser only to wash it straight back off again because it stings like hell? This is the first moisturiser I have ever found not to do this! For this reason alone I will forever repurchase this! No wonder this is lushes No.1 product.

Dream cream retails for £10.95 for 240g from Lush shops and online.

Have you ever tried dream cream? What are your favourite products from lush?

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