Wednesday Wishlist #3 I can't wait to have a bath!

Now you may have found the title odd but just to clarify, no I am not gross, I currently only have a shower in my flat and no bath so I rarely get to have one! It's such a luxury when I go home to my parents or am staying in a hotel with one and can take advantage of submerging myself for an hour or 2. I literally can't wait to move into a flat and have the luxury of having one more often than every 3-4 months!

I've decided that this weeks wishlist will be all the bath treats from Lush I shall be purchasing in a month when I can finally have a proper weekly Sunday pamper. I've always been a huge fan of Lush's bath treats and having not had access to a bath in nearly 2 years a lot has been released that I am dying to try!

1. Dreamtime Luxury Bath Melt £3.15 for 30g - I've never actually tried one of their bath melts and this sounds like the perfect first one to try. packed with cocoa butter, lavender oil and almond oil it sounds like the perfect evening treat to moisturise your skin whilst sending you to the land of nod.

2. Pheonix Rising Bath Bomb £3.20 - I've gifted quite a few of these to friends and family because they look and smell incredible and I want to finally try it myself! Who doesn't want a sparkly purple bath right?

3. Marzibain Bath melt £3.40 - By far one of my all time favourite smells is marzipan and almonds so this sounds right up my street.

4. Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar £3.50 each - I'll be honest I added this to my list without even reading the ingredients purely because of how cute they look! I then read it was a mixture of strawberry and vanilla scents and wanted it even more.

5. Ceridwean's Couldron Luxury Bath Melt £3.99 for 80g - My boyfriend has been raving about this one for months and the more he talks about it the more amazing it sounds. I think it will be perfect for sorting out my skin on troubled days.

6. Sunnyside £3.65 - This one has always got me interested whenever I step into a Lush shop. It's so beautiful and eye catching it's definitely one to be left out until it's used. It smells amazing and the thought of relaxing into what they describe as 'molten gold' sounds like heaven.

7.Space Girl Bath Bomb £2.10 - Not only is it pretty but it's filled with popping candy which I loved as a child. I feel this one will be great for a nostalgic bath. Teamed with fun maybe for the ultimate childhood experience?

8. The Comforter Bubble Bar £4.25 - This is my all time favourite. I love the scent of it, the amount of bubbles it creates and that you can get about 3/4 baths out of each one. It makes for a truley indulgent bath.

9. Big Blue Bath Bomb £3.20 - Seaweed and salt sound like the perfect combination to help my eczema combined with lavender oil to relax me. This is another one I've used before and used to love. Refreshing and relaxing all at the same time.

Have you tried any of these before? What's your favourite bath time treat from lush?

Also I know I've been bad with my Wednesday wishlists but I will try to get into them weekly!

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