Denman D3 Mini Keyring Brush

 Denman D3 Mini Key ring Brush*

When I first received this I really wasn't expecting to love it as much as I do! It has come in so handy!

Although it is a keyring I'd imagine having it attached to your keys would make it quite hard to use, but the size makes it the perfect handbag brush. At just 3 x 1 inches big it is great even for small bags on nights out.

The brush contains 5 rows of plastic bristles and is surprisingly strong for its size. It's not nearly as flimsy as you'd expect from such a small brush and easily tackles knotted hair with ease.
The Denman name on the back of my brush has nearly worn off completely from being thrown in my bag but it's not a problem as the rest of the brush copes with it fine!

Priced at just £2.79 it's a bargain too! Available from Boots, Johns Lewis and Denman online
I wouldn't be without mine anymore!

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