My Experience at Hair Organics in Notting Hill

Two weeks ago I popped into Hair Organics in Notting Hill for the first time hoping that they could fix my hair.
After countless hair dyes in various shades and fast fading pigments I was left with pink hair which was lighter at the ends and fringe than the rest. 
My shower routine had changed to using a colour shampoo on my fringe and ends and a clarifying shampoo on the main section to try and even it out, followed by my pigment shampoo all over the hope it deposited on the lighter areas more. Far too much effort for my liking and clients were starting to question the pink at castings so it was time to do something about it.

It's a small salon only a few minutes walk from Notting Hill station. The salon prides itself on being the leading botanic and mineral colour salon in the UK, making sure everything is as natural as possible from their hair dye, to the towels which are biodegradable, even to the tea! But what I was really interested in was the fact that ever single treatment in the salon are 100% ammonia free. 

I was greeted by their lovely receptionist Gillian who offered me the biggest selection of teas and coffees as well as biscuits which all kept flowing the entire time I was there. I even had a glass of wine in my hand come five o'clock! 
I was then passed on to one of their hair stylists Gleb sat down with me to discuss what the plan with my hair was. I explained why it had turned pink and how I desperately needed to get it back to a ginger colour. We decided my hair needed to be stripped back to blonde in order to get rid of the pink and darker shades and then redye to my preferred shade. 

I was terrified that stripping it would kill my hair but I was reassured that their unique seaweed lightening system was nothing like bleach, was mixed with conditioners and pure avocado oil to moisturise my hair whilst stripping the colour and would keep my hair healthy.
My hair went about 30 different shades until, after a few hours later, I was back to blonde. I was amazed with how great it still felt and although it took a while I would choose to sit there for hours every time over bleaching my hair!

We then sat down to choose what colour would be best for me and added the orange on top. Once the colour had done its magic, was washed out (whilst sitting in their incredible massage chairs) and dried it looked incredible. The colour was my favourite yet and it looked and felt healthier than before I had walked in to the salon. 

Above - Stripped back to blonde and still healthy!

I was looked after and made to feel at home for the full four hours I was there. I left feeling like I knew everyone in the salon and understood why 90% of the clients who walked through the door were repeat clients who were treated like family. 

I left feeling so relaxed and happy with the result and two weeks on I still am. The colour has hardly faded and I have noticed that my hair doesn't run orange in the shower for weeks after like it has done with most other dyes.
I cannot recommend this salon enough and will be popping back in every time my hair needs doing!

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