Dying My Hair Extensions for £1.29 - Step by Step Process

I've never really been one to wear hair extensions  but with my hair getting shorter and shorter on jobs I thought it was time to dig mine out of the cupboard.
I was given these in January on a shoot and they'd been left hung up in my wardrobe unloved since so I popped into Superdrug to track down some dye that matched my hair colour. That's when I hit a wall. My hair changed colour weekly so I decided it would be best to match to my current hair colour, a soft ginger, as this is the colour I normally fade to and plan to be for a while. 
There is a distinct lack of dyes for gingers! Its fine it you want a very vibrant orange or red or even an auburn but nothing for a more strawberry blonde shade. I thought of getting a brighter orange and spending a few hours washing the extensions until the colour faded but if it went wrong that was hours wasted, money lost and extensions ruined. 
I stumbled across this dye for only £1.29. It's a wash in wash out dye and on the back states that it's not for blonde hair but judging by the colour that had leaked out of half of the tubes it looked like it would work and if not it would wash out! 
I started with my clean and dry real hair extensions. (it will not work on synthetic hair!) The better the condition the better the result.

I decided to start with my smallest section to test it out rather than risk ruining two full heads worth. 
As instructed, I rinsed the hair so it was saturated and adding a small amount of dye in the palm of my hand, started to work it  into the hair from the root down.

The dye is a highly pigmented shampoo, it changed the colour instantly and foamed up to ensure even coverage. It suggests that you leave it for 5 minute before rinsing. After the time was up I ran it under the tap until the water ran clear and then as the colour looked a bit too bright I shampooed and conditioned it once. 

After leaving it to naturally dry by the radiator you can see the result as above. A beautiful soft ginger which colour matched my hair perfectly! I was definitely expecting to have to spend a while trialing different times and methods.

Please excuse the terrible photo, my phone seems to make my eyes look strange if I'm facing the sun. But as you can see, they blend in brilliantly with my hair!

After dying the rest I bought some clips and sewed them on. I think these will definitely get worn a lot more often now! They're such an easy way of changing up my hair and adding length and thickness. I think even when my hair is a bit brighter it will still hopefully work creating an ombre effect.

What do you think of the finished look? Have you dyed your own extensions at home before? I'd love to know what you all use and how you keep them in good condition! 

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