Flashback Friday #4

Today's flashback Friday dates back to November 2010 when this issue of Hair magazine was released.
This was my first proper hair shoot so I was really excited, and everyone loves the photos so much that a few are still in my portfolio. 

We got through 10 looks in the one shoot and my hair went from super straight and sleek, to beautiful curls to grungy all in a day. The hair stylist was incredible! I'd never met someone who could change up my hair so quickly and make it look so perfect. Unfortunately I've never quite been able to master it at home myself :(

This is making me miss my long hair quite a lot! With it getting chopped even shorter on a shoot next week I think it's time to dye my extensions! 

'Take the plunge with the grunge' 

Which is your favourite look from above?

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  1. You look so fabulous in these photographs! Love every one of them <3 xxxxx

    Grace | Grace of Beauty