Flashback Friday #5


Going back to 2008 today! Before I modeled professionally every now and again I would pose for friends as I loved it so much yet never dreamed I could do it every day.
Weeks of planning went into this shoot and a very long day but they are still some of my favourite photos 5 years on.

I stumbled across this incredible location whilst out for a walk with my parents and instantly wanted to shoot there, so when my friend said she wanted to do a dramatic fairy tale style shoot the planning started.
The shoot went smoothly apart from a few hiccups  nearly being pulled into the pond and it taking three days to get the extensions out weren't ideal, but it's amazing being transformed into a character for the day and seeing the photos after.

Even better still is when you find out someone has painted you with two heads! I'd absolutely  love to know who the artist is to see if they'd sell it so if anyone has any idea please do let me know!!

I really enjoy writing these posts so I hope you all enjoy these random snippets into my past.

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