Flashback Friday #7

In October 2011 I flew out to Shanghai to work there for 2 months. 
I had a complete love hate relationship with it. 
I loved the city, it was amazing to be somewhere with a completely different culture and be utterly submerged in it, to travel around China and see everything from the multi million pound lake houses to the shanty towns and factories. 
I loved the nightlife, the food and the people I met there. 
But unfortunately I didn't work as much as I'd hoped and when I did it wasn't good. The rates aren't as good as London, the conditions definitely aren't and there was an attitude towards us that if they'd hired us for the day they owned us and could treat us however they wanted. 

It was a strange place, people would follow me taking my photo as if I were a celebrity, I got dragged down the street by my hair to a man asking if he could buy it, I'd have babies given to me for photographs. It was odd and if you didn't just laugh it off and learn go away in Chinese you wouldn't have left the house!

I felt the best way to explain was to show you some pictures of my time there.

Me and Jade dressed in our sailor bikinis for the 'modelling competition' | The view downwards from my apartment balcony | One of my 10 flights in 2 months, coming back from a show | Me and Jade at the pre modelling competition dinner | Me and Igor at the German Christmas Market | Legally blonde on set with the fat chiwawa | Me and the some of my fellow 'foreign models' out for coffee | I won most charming at the modelling competition | A night out at our favourite American sports bar | Me and Jade getting festive | My make up at 4am after finishing shooting for autocar magazine | At starbucks on our lunchbreak | The state of most toilets we encountered | Visiting a temple | Me and Encore our minder/translator | seriously glittery eyes after a show |

 One of my editorials in Shangahi - Film characters themed - Black swan, Legally blonde, moulin rouge.

 Editorial for Autocar Magazine 

 Shooting for Monsoon - 300 outfit changes in 1 day!

Although it was a crazy two months, I do miss it and to look back on it it was an incredible experience. 

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