How Do They Get The Hair Like That In Shoots? An Insiders View.

Today I thought I'd share with you a few secrets from behind the scenes on hair shoots.
I picked these images shot by the incredible Claire Harrison to show you whilst I explain.

As photoshopping hair isn't the easiest of tasks it is important to get the hair looking as incredible and perfect as possible in the photo.

Starting off with using carefully selected products which don't dull the hair or weigh it down is crucial. In these photos it was all about relaxed curls and shine. My hair was curled, pinned up, lightly sprayed and left to set. It was then taken down, brushed out before a light mist of hair spray and shine spray were applied. 
Simple right? Now is where the magic happens. 

Unlike normal shoots, when aiming for hair to look like this in a shot I'm quite limited as a model as I have to find a position that looks great before the hair is carefully placed. I then can't really move apart from my expression so the hair stays in place. It's challenging and can be frustrating for everyone involved but the results are worth it!

To create perfect volume a combination of cleverly placed back combing and keeping the top as smooth as possible is used. Taking underneath sections to back comb whilst keeping at least an inch section on the surface will keep hair looking sleek whilst giving a slight lift. 
Most of the time hair extensions are used to create thicker fuller looking hair though in this shoot they weren't. 

To tame flyaways I've seen many a trick but my favourite has to be spraying a super soft kabuki brush with hair spray before lightly swiping it over the hair. 

I personally think the best trick of all, and the one I find the funniest by far, is 'hair props' The last photo is the perfect example of this as you'd never guess that the hair stylist was standing behind me with a pair of cellotape wrapped drum sticks stuck in my hair pushing it forward!
I've also seen stylists use rolled up socks, micro bead travel pillows and those foam pool noodles.

So unfortunately although the end result looks extremely glamorous, I can't say having someones hands in your hair whilst you can't move is so much! But it is funny.

Keep your eyes peeled for a new release featuring me shot by Claire coming in the next few months! I'm so excited to share it!

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