May Empties

Sorry for the lack of photos in this post but I had to bin my empties before I had a chance to take a photo as I ran out of time before moving and didn't want to take them with me!
Lots of empties this month as I was desperately trying to finish up lots of products so i could pack lighter.

Lush Angels on Bare Skin Fresh Cleanser - Full review here. I loved this cleanser. It calmed my skin and left it soft, smooth and breakout free. It was a perfect night time cleanser for me because of the smell, my only downside to this product is that it has a very quick expiry date and I couldn't finish it completely in time before it went off as I like to change up my skincare depending on how my skin if behaving. I Repurchase? Defnintely! It lasted for around 3 months making it just over £2 a month which I consider a total bargain.

Lush Catastrophic Cosmetic - Full review here. My first face mask from lush and I really enjoyed it. I loved how cooling it was as it had to be kept in my skin, it seemed to calm my blemishes and redness and keep hormonal breakouts at bay. Again annoyingly it has a short shelf life and I couldn't finish this in time. Repurchase? Probably, though I'd like to try a few others of theirs first.

Clarins Hydraquench Bi-Phase Intensive Serum - I'm very sad to see this little bottle end, I fell in love with it after the first use and it was a godsend over winter to keep dry skin at bay and my skin hydrated. It lasted such a long time too. Repurchase? Yes. I am yet to find a serum i love as much.

Clarins Hydraquench Cream-Masque - Another brilliant product from Clarins. This also featured heavily in my winter skincare regime. The light mask works wonders in just 10 minutes leaving my skin plumper and glowing. Repurchase? Probably, though I want to try Origins Drink Up Intensive first to compare.

St Ives Apricot Blemish Fighting Face Scrub - A brilliant budget exfoliator. It was soft enough for use fairly often and remained in my shower constantly. My boyfriend also uses this religiously. Repurchase? We already have! I've been trying out a few others but I'm sure I'll come back to it soon.

Dermologica Clean Start Welcome Matte SPF15 - One of my favourite moisturisers for the morning. It's light and hydrating yet mattifies the skin meaning it doubles up as a primer. It kept my skin clear and shine free for hours. I wouldn't say it's hydrating enough for my skin in winter but I loved it in the summer. Repurchase? Yes. And with Dermologica's incredible deals online right now I probably will soon.

Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser - Another great budget product. It lightly hydrates my skin leaving it ready for makeup. I wouldn't say this is rich enough for night time use. Repurchase? I already have though I'm rarely using it right now as I've fallen in love with another.

Ponds Dry Skin Cream - I didn't really enjoy this moisturiser. I bought it hoping that it would be a good rich night cream but in all honesty I felt like it just sat on my skin rather than sink in and left an oily residue. I also found it stung my dry patches like crazy! Repurchase? No.

I Love... Mango and Papaya Body Butter - A rich body butter that sinks in fairly quickly and smells amazing for just over £2! It was beautifully hydrating and left my skin soft even into the next day. Repurchase? I already have another one in my stash.

Boots Coconut and Almond Body Butter -  It was very hydrating and smelt lovely but I found it way too thick and by the time I'd used up my small tub it was almost like rubber and wouldn't absorb at all. I'm not sure why mine went off so quickly or if I just got a bad batch as I've heard others love it! Repurchase? No. I'll be sticking to my Body hop and I Love... ones.

St Ives Apricot Body Scrub* - Similar to their face scrub but slightly more diluted. Its gentle enough for daily use and left my skin soft. I also found it reduced the bumps on the backs of my arms. My only problem is how messy this is! It somehow found itself on every wall and even if I continued to shower for 10 minutes after it still looked like a beach had appeared in the bottom of my shower. Repurchase? Not right now as I'd like to try others first.

Wella Brilliance Treatment* - I found this conditioning mask left my hair soft and smooth yet I'd definitely say it's more of a normal conditioner than a treatment. It didn't do enough for my hair for me to constitute it as a treatment. Repurchase? No.

Timotei Golden Highlights Shampoo - I didn't finish all of this but didn't want to pack it. It was a nice and cheap standard shampoo, I haven't used this since going ginger apart from on my make up brushes. Repurchase? No. It wouldn't be right for my hair anymore and I prefer the effects of higher end shampoos.

Redken Smooth Lock Shampoo* - I wrote a full review on this and the conditioner here. As it said I was allergic to these so they have been kept in my shower for guests to use. I did love them though so it was a shame I can't use them. Repurchase?  No, but I would it they didn't give my a rash!

Redken Smooth Lock Conditioner* - The same as the shampoo.

Andrew Barton SOS Help Me Conditioner* - I still consider this one of my favourite hair care products and still can't believe how cheap it is. Full review here. Repurchase? Definitely, I just need to get to an ASDA.

Redken Rough Clay 20 Matte Texturiser* - I didn't use this my boyfriend did but he absolutely loved it. Repurchase? Unfortunately it has been discontinued but I'm sure he's dying to try out their new version.

Lush Marilyn Hair Moisturiser* - Another product aimed at blondes but I finished it this week and would say it worked for my hair too. I didn't find this to be incredible with either blonde or ginger hair. Repurchase? No. I just didn't find it to do anything for me.

Bumble and Bumble Does it all Hairspray* - A great all rounder hairspray. It doesn't leave hair crispy or sticky yet keeps its hold. Repurchase? Yes. It lasted me for months and was great without weighing my hair down or building up.

Superdrug Heat Defense (not online) - A cheap standard heat defense spray. It protected my hair without feeling like it has product in it. Repurchase? Yes. It does its job and it was only a few pounds.

I was impressed that I managed to finish so many products before moving!
Have you tried any of these products before?

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