My Make-Up Storage Wishlist

You may remember a little while ago my post on storage inspiration after realising that I was in desperate need of sorting out my ever growing stash. I've been scouring the internet for other bloggers storage solutions as well as working out my perfect set up. Here's what I'm wanting so far...

To start with the foundations a new desk is definitely needed. I'm loving this one from Ikea as it's so simple yet sleek, and at a bargain price of £17 it means it wont cost a fortune to change the look of the space completely.

Next up is counter top make-up storage. Of course I'm lusting after Muji like most other beauty bloggers but I can see them getting very grubby very quickly which puts me off slightly. Plus I'd have to spend around £40 to store my make up and skin care alone.
This is my other alternative. Yes it doesn't look too pretty here but I've seen some great examples of these drawers made beautiful. (here, here, here and here) Plus it would store much more for a cheaper £17. I think I'll have to decide once I've moved and can see what space I'm working with. 

To store my nail polishes I'm planning on building something like this to screw onto the inside of one of my wardrobe doors. (When I say me, I mean get the boy to do it an overlook, clearly ha) I feel like I'll use a lot more of my polishes if I can see the colours rather than always going for my favourites. 

These jars above would be great to house cotton pads and buds. Also from Ikea ranging between £1 and £3 for different sizes. 

And after seeing Make Up Savvy's post here about using these plant pots as brush holders I instantly wanted them! They're just so beautiful and a steal at £2! 

How beautiful is this! I'm aware it's another plant pot but I think it would be great for housing my most reached skin and hair care products. 

A few finishing touches and I think it would make a great and beautiful beauty storage set up. As most of this is from Ikea I'll be taking a trip there soon and post photos once I've made over my area!

What do you think of my storage ideas? Do you have MUJI? Would you recommend it or the Ikea drawers? 

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