New favourite shampoo? Aveda Dry Remedy

 (Aveda Dry Remedy Shampoo*)

Lately I've been all about nursing my hair back to incredible condition. 
As my hair is being dyed so often for various jobs and unfortunately I don't always have the choice to request vegetables dyes it has gotten slightly drier. Having never dyed my hair for 20 years and barely using heat on it, it even being slightly dry is a nightmare for me.
I received this from Aveda a few months ago and pretty much ignored it as I was so excited to used their range designed for red heads. I'm now slapping myself for doing so!

It is sold as a deep-moisture complex which penetrates hair to deliver lasting intense moisture, claiming a 63% improvement in dry hair instantly when using their entire dry remedy line.
Packed with Buriti oil, pommergranate and palm delivered conditioners and such big claims I was excited to see how this worked for me.

I'll admit I was quite shocked when I picked this up in the shower and squeezed some into my hand. So much so that I actually picked up the bottle to double check that it was in fact shampoo and not conditioner.
I have never come across a shampoo with this consistency before. As you can see from the photo above it is quite yellow in colour and very thick and creamy. The best I can think of is likening it to a thick body butter. I applied a normal amount to my roots and massaged it in. It didn't lather much at first but I found just adding some more water activated it.
The smell is the usual herbal smell you get with Aveda products which I personally love but know others who don't but the fragrance doesn't linger too much on the hair though for those who are worried.
Once I rinsed it out I was already amazed. My hair felt like I had already applied my conditioner. And once dried it felt smoother and sleeker and more hydrated and I noticed it knotted less though out the day. I was expecting my hair to get greasy quicker or not feel as clean after washing it due to the texture of the shampoo but I didn't find I had to wash it more often.

I was always a believer that conditioner was so much more important than shampoo until I discovered Bumble and Bumbles Sunday Shampoo and then more so once dying my hair and wanting to reduce fade. This shampoo was very gentle, I didn't notice the usual orange bubbles I get from any that strip colour even slightly, and using it for a few weeks my colour is still vibrant and going strong which is a nice added bonus.

I am now desperately wanting the rest of the set, a conditioner and a deep treatment masque, but am making myself wait until my hair stash has reduced down a bit.
I have also heard quite a few things about this increasing hair growth so if I notice it I shall let you all know!

Aveda's Dry Remedy Shampoo retails for 19.50 for 200ml or 35.50 for my 500ml bottle.

Have you tried Aveda's Dry Remedy range? What is your favourite Aveda product?

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  1. This looks fab - thanks so much for the recommendation :) x