Origins Super Spot Remover

(Origins Super Spot Remover)

I honestly don't know how I coped without this little bottle in my life?
I had tried so many spot creams and gels before and nothing worked so I had put off buying this product for ages, that and the hefty price tag of £13 for only 10ml of product. But after my month long perfect skin streak was broken when a few evil spots appeared I knew I had to bite the bullet, and I am so glad I did.
This product has had such hype in the beauty world and now I understand why.
The gel contains salicylic acid which clears out dead skin cells and reduces bacteria by gently exfoliating as well as caffeine and red algae to reduce redness and speeds healing time.
I ran straight home from the Origins counter and popped a small amount on the affected areas. It has a gel consistency which is cooling on contact though I warn you, this stings like hell when you first apply it! But in a 'yes! It's working' sort of way. The gel dries quickly, but does dry quite tight so I prefer to apply this when I'm in the comfort of my home where I don't even notice it.
After two applications my spots were almost gone. The size and redness had dramatically reduced and they weren't painful anymore. I also used it on previous blemish scars and they also have healed quicker. Bonus!
It's a little drying on the area but nothing a little scrub and moisturiser can't fix quickly.
Such a small amount is needed that I can see this tiny bottle lasting for a long time, and it is well worth the money.

Origins Super Spot Remover retails for £13 for 10ml from Origins, boots and department stores.

This was the first product I tried from origins and now I'm dying to try more! Which products would you recommend?
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