Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask

 (Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask)

As my skins had a few troubles lately I popped this in my basket when I was in lush after hearing so many of you sing its praises. My skins been suffering from an oily t-zone, dry patches which refuse to budge and too many blemishes showing up for my liking. This sounded just perfect and I couldn't wait to try it.
With ingredients such as almond oil and irish moss gel to moisturise, blueberries and chamomile to reduce redness and irritation and calamine and talc to deep cleanse and soothe, it sounded like a dream come true for my combination skin. 

I've always been interested in trying lush's fresh face masks before but the fact that they have to be completely used up within 3-4 weeks or thrown away had always put me off. I was torn between trying this and Cupcake but went for this one to clear up the last few problems with my skin. Though in a months time expect a review on cupcake because it smelt so incredible I'm just going to have to go back and buy it. 
After one use I fell in love with this mask! It's was so cooling on application which I loved (I can imagine it being amazing after a hot bath!). The smell reminds me of parma violets but it isn't overpoweringly strong.
It dried quickly and left me with the typical 'face mask botox face' but it wasn't uncomfortably tight. It felt like it was drawing out all the impurities in my skin whilst calming it and being gentle. It was fairly easy to remove and after, oh my, my skin felt so beautifully soft. 
My blemishes were calmed and the redness around them decreased, the redness on my cheeks had reduced and my drier patches weren't as dry. It really is a great one for troubled skin that needs a helping hand. 

I'm excited to continue to use this little pot up. It's such a pleasure to use and does wonders for my skin.

Available at Lush shops, the Catastrophe Cosmetic fresh face mask retails for £5.95 for 75g.

What's your favourite lush face mask?

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