Schwarzkopf got2b Powder'ful

(Schwarzkopf got2be Powder'ful) 

My friend came to stay a few weeks ago and showed me this product and I instantly fell in love and had to run out and buy it myself. 
It's a hard one to explain. It is basically a finely milled white powder which promises to volumise roots in an instant. I was skeptical at first because giving my hair volume is never an 'instant' thing, it takes a lot of product and work. Even backcombing doesn't work for me because my hair is so silky that without a bottle of hairspray it just falls out within 10 minutes. 
The product can be applied in two ways, either poured into the palm of your hand and rubbed into the roots with your fingers or sprinkled directly onto the roots before being rubbed in. I personally find the latter the better option for more precision and a better effect. 
I cannot even begin to explain the texture of this once you rub it into your roots. It feels like you have poured glue onto your scalp yet it is a matte sticky feel, almost like clay. It's not a nice feeling no, but I have never found a product that gives my hair such volume and stays all night with no extra effort apart from a little root massage. I'm talking all night in a hot sweaty club and my hair still looked exactly as it did when I left my flat as at 4am. Even the next morning it was still standing! It was difficult to get a brush through so I'd recommend washing this out rather than brushing and using a clarifying shampoo to make sure that all residue is gone. 
Another great thing about this product is that although you can definitely feel that there is product there you can't see it. No white roots as the product almost disintegrates when it hits your hair. 

Got2be Powder'ful is priced at £4.07 for 10g of product.

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