Sunday Catch Up #2

The first look from my shoot on Tuesday | I finally found my perfect red lipstick! Need to buy Russian Red by Mac asap | Another look from Tuesdays shoot | My new hair cut for a hair campaign being released in a few months | My hotel room at the Crowne Plaza in Manchester |  I fell in love with this barbie dress! Regretting not buying it | The view from my hotel room | Baby shower shopping for my sister | The headshot look for my campaign shoot | The first full length outfit | Shopping with my brother | I can't decide between these two watches, help please!

It's been another hectic week. Lots of shooting and two days spent in Manchester which was nice to get away from London for a bit. Then back to reality and stress as I came home and the flat hunting had to continue. Why is it so difficult?!
It's exactly one month until my 21st today so I've been busy having a think for things I'd like as I keep getting asked and I'm pretty clueless about it. Suggestions wlecome!

Also the final trailer for Fast and Furious 6 has been released and I was happy to find out you can actually see me in it! Pause it on 4 seconds and I'm the girl on the left in the leopard print.

Hope you've all had a lovely week and are enjoying the bank holiday!

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