Sunday Catch Up #4

First time eating at the Real Greek with my boyfriend, the food was amazing! | A new photo from a recent shoot I did | Back at the gym after way too many months! A full review on the Mayfair spa and gym coming soon! | Castings | Hand modelling featuring coke and OPI | Another new photo from a recent shoot | I dyed my extensions, full post coming soon! | Me and my beautiful friend Alex at Bodo's Schloss | Sorting out my nail polish collection | The Londoner pizza at fire and Stone | Starter platter | The Wellington club for my friends birthday | Circus style mirrors | Adding to my sisters baby shower present with new polishes from MUA | The 'tin foil room' | Me and my buzz lightyear party hat |

It's been another hectic week, way too much flat stress to deal with involving solicitors, environmental health and about a hundred emails and phone calls, not fun! Luckily I've had some great nights out to blow off steam and forget about it all. 
I found out my Wella campaign is now in salons, including blown up in one just off of oxford street! If anyone has seen it please let me know as I'd love to see it! 
Lots of castings as graduate fashion week is near! I decided to get back to the gym as a much needed tone up has to happen soon, plus I had a little encouragement from a client in the form of being called chubby! 

I May be a bit quiet over the next week as I have to pack up our entire flat and move, as well as quite a few shoots but I'm happy to be getting my roots done finally!