Sunday Catch Up #5

I finally got my roots done! | Shooting on Tuesday in the most amazing studio | My new cut and colour for Tuesdays shoot | The second look, I didn't get a very good angle but I should have photos soon! | The most delicious swordfish at Balans in Westfield | I finally got to see the new fast and furious film and spotted myself a few times! Eek! | Packing up to move, we have too much stuff | Goodbye old (rubbish) flat! | Hello new beautiful flat, look at our bedroom ceiling!! | One of the two cats we now live with | Pina colladas in the sunshine in our new garden | A sneaky peak from Tuesdays shoot |

It has been such a long stressful week for me! Juggling shooting, castings, packing and moving has taken its toll. 
We moved into our beautiful new house yesterday and I'm so happy, it already feels like home. I was a bit worried about going back into a flatshare but our flatmates seem so nice I think we're going to really like it here! 
I'm pretty sure my boyfriend and brother aren't too happy that our new room is on the 4th floor. Carrying everything up was exhausting but I'd like to think I'll have great legs soon! We've started to unpack but as we have tomorrow off too hopefully we'll get it finished by then and return to normal life.

I hope you're all enjoying your long weekend!

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