Beauty Formulas Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

Beauty Formulas Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

A little while ago I popped to Manchester for a few days for a shoot. I decided to take full advantage of a night off in a beautiful hotel with a bath so popped into the city to pick up a few bits to pamper with. After realising that quite a few blackheads had surfaced I picked up this pack of 6 pore strips by Beauty Formulas. 
I'd used pore strips in the past and had never had any success so wasn't hoping for much but as they were only 99p I decided to give them another shot. 

The box contains six individually packaged nose strips with clear illustrated instructions on how to use them. It tells you to open the pouch, thoroughly wet your nose, peel off the strip and place it shiny side down to your skin with the fabric side facing up. After 10-15 minutes the strip will be dry and tight, you then peel it off and voila, you should see the results on the strip.

When I've used these in the past I've either found them too painful to peel off so wet them and then do it making them useless, or have just never seen anything come out so I wasn't expecting a lot. 
I'd definitely wash your face first before applying these to make sure it is make up and residue free and can stick to the blackheads rather than what is sitting on your skin.
I applied it as instructed and after 15 minutes started to peel it off from the edges. It does hurt a little bit and made my eyes water but it came off easily. I'd definitely recommend peeling these off slowly and not using whipping it off quickly or I imagine you'd be left with a very sore nose. For the first time ever I could actually see the results on the strip! I was amazed, it's disgusting yet satisfying to see what has just come out of your nose (yuck!)

I have been using them weekly since and have definitely seen a huge reduction in the amount of blackheads on my nose as well as my pores seem smaller. I've also noticed less breakouts on my nose since using them.

I've made these a definite in my skin care routine since seeing great results and at a bargain price of just 99p for 6. I picked these up in Bodycare in Manchester but I've also seen them in pound shops before too. You can also buy them online from Beauty Formulas website here but they're priced at £3.99. 
I think they're such a bargain considering similar strips retail for £7.99 plus in boots!

I'm also interested in trying out their forehead and chin blackhead strips as well as their purifying charcoal nose pore strips.

Have you tried these before? Which are your favourite brand?

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