L'oreal Colour Trophy Final

 On Monday evening I was part of the opening show for the L'oreal Colour Trophy final walking for Ken Picton.
After a weekend of rehearsals and hair prep I arrived at the Grosvenor Hotel on Monday ready for a final run through, hair and make up before kicking off the evening at half 7.

The venue was incredible, complete with a 25 foot catwalk with mirrored ceiling so the audience could see our hair from every angle. Perfect for us to strut our stuff and make our curls as bouncy as possible! It was by far one of my favourite hair shows to date.

Please excuse my grumpy face, they drew my eyebrows in quite far making me look angry when I wasn't!
The clothes were by Bernard Chandran and the shoes by Gina (which I totally fell in love with! But at nearly £1000 I don't think I'll be purchasing them any time soon)

The final group.

We had to keep the rollers in for 24 hours which meant lots of very odd looks and comments on the tube home and back again the next day, I tried both hood and headscarf to cover them up and both looked quite ridiculous! I did really love the curls though and if it wasn't such a pain I'd love to have them more often, they were so fun! Maybe not the green bit though :p

My favourite part was without a doubt the make up, based on Dior's couture show, with a pop art twist, it was incredible! 
I definitely loved the barely made up eyes with the bold lips, a trend I definitely want to try more myself.

And lastly a shot of my ridiculous curly hair just out of the perm rollers!

Did any of you see the L'oreal Colour Trophy final? 

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