MUA Launches FashionistA

I'm surprised I haven't seen much about this on the blogosphere and since so many of us love MUA I assumed there would be more hype.
But having launched last week is the new range from MUA, FashionistA. (I'm not too sure about the capital A)

A new make up range consisting of eyeshadows, blushers, bronzers, a brow kit, eye pencils, gel liner, mascaras, lipsticks, lipgloss, primer, foundations, concealers, highlighter, powder and nail polish. 
Initially it sounds a bit too similar to the MUA range right? That's where the customisable palettes come in. Probably my favourite aspect, you can fill a pallet of 4 eyeshadows, blushers or bronzers for just £7 and 6 for £10 right now. The shade range is impressive with over 40 eyeshadows to choose from I think this will be great if they have the same quality of the MUA eyeshadows. 

The products I am most interested in are the highlighter, though described it more sounds like a primer, the secret vanishing cream, and the eyebrow kit as it seems to be aimed at us girls with lighter hair.

A huge range for a new launch but many things sound the same as their MUA products and some even have ridiculously similar packaging. For example their mattifying primer priced at £10 even has almost identical packaging as the MUA professional primer priced at just £4. Also the eyebrow kit appears to have the same brush and tweezers which come with the MUA kit yet at double the price I wonder if the powders would be of that much better quality?

At first glance the FashionistA range is extensive and the prices good but I wonder if people, myself included, will be happy to pay the full price tag when their introductory sale wears off is the products are so similar to MUA, I'll be getting my hands on a few to test the quality and will let you all know shortly.

Have you seen the new range or tried anything from it? What do you think?

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