Sunday Catch Up #10

Salmon with tomato and chickpea salad | GHD competition is out, full post soon | Whoops, a huge ELF haul | Embellishment shopping | Bodo's Schloss | Option 1 for my evening dress | Option 2 for my evening dress | Some other gorgeous fabric I bought | Hopefully my dress will look similar to this |

Work has finally quietened down a bit this week which means I finally got some down time to catch up on things I just hadn't had the time to do lately. 

I've really got back into cooking and healthy eating so expect lots more food dishes on these posts and who knows maybe I'll start adding a few recipes here? Is it something you'd love to see? I'm also going to start the 30 day shred again from tomorrow and although I'm dreading it I am determined not to quit this time before even getting to level 2. 

My friends 21st is in a few weeks and they're going all out! It's a hollywood themed and I rarely get to dress up properly so I figured it was the perfect excuse to go all out and wear a beautiful dress. Though when I tried to find one I realised how hard it is to buy a long dress that actually touches the floor on me as I'm so tall without spending hundreds of pounds. As my mum taught me simple dress making when I was younger I figured I have two weeks to make myself a gown and If all goes wrong I've found a back up dress. Let's hope all goes to plan!

After a bit of google research I found that Walthamstow market seemed to be the best place to fabric shop so I jumped on the tube and have never been happier, so many shops, so much choice and ridiculously cheap prices. I bought 21 meters of beautiful quality fabric for only £27, that's a total bargain and enough to make a lot of clothes! I'll definitely be back there often.

It's the perfect weather for a second bbq day in a row so I'm off to get everything ready! I hope you're all enjoying the sun and heat!!

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