What's In My Bag? - Casting Edition

As I model full time I tend to spend half of my time at castings. 
For those of you who don't know what castings are they are basically job interviews. It means I have to look great yet natural so the client can see me in person before booking me. It's normally a lot of running all over London and a lot of waiting in queues, sometimes for hours, for your turn to see the client. 

I have to be prepared and looking my best at all times so this is normally the contents of my bag for casting days.

Let's start with the bag itself, my Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM (here). I bought this a few years ago after lusting over it for months and wanting to invest in a piece that was big enough for days like this and was going to last a long time. Two years on and it is still in amazing condition and was probably my best purchase to date. It's a proper Mary Poppins bag, it is ridiculous how much this bag can hold yet it doesn't look too big on me or feel very heavy.

My purse is the Zippy Wallet also from Louis Vuitton (here). It is quite big but easily holds all my cards, money and even my passport which makes it great for travelling. Again two years on and still in great condition.

I use my ipad for my portfolio as it is much lighter and compact than traditional book style ones, it also doubles as entertainment and internet when I'm waiting around. The case is a cheap standard one, I think it was only a fiver off of ebay. 
Kept tucked in my ipad case are my composite cards. These are what clients take at castings so they have my photos, measurements and agents details.

I need heels for catwalk castings and these are my preferred ones as they're tall yet the chunky heel and platform makes them incredible comfy and easy to walk in! You can find them here for only £17.38 with postage! 

I always have my ipod on me as a lot of my day is spent on the tube as well as a book, I'm currently reading Praying for sleep by Jeffery Deaver and loving it! My oyster card keys and phone are also staples in my bag!

For on the go touch ups I'm currently using the dainty doll concealer (here) and powder (here) as they're so convenient to use when I'm out as well as being compact as well as a tube of cherry carmex (here). I also carry my mini Denman hairbrush with me which I honestly cannot recommend enough, it's so small and light yet is strong enough to brush through wind knotted hair with ease, plus it's only £2.79! (here)

I hope you enjoyed the peak into my bag! 
What's are your hand bag staples? 

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