Are You Protecting Your Hair From The Sun?

With the sun in England showing no signs of going away anytime soon people are digging out the suncream but apparently a whopping 72% of us don't think to protect their hair from the sun.

So why exactly is the sun so bad for your hair? 
The suns UV rays are powerful, you only have to see how quickly skin burns to know this, but what you may not know is that it's damaging your hair just as much. 
The sun works as a natural bleach which is why you may see your hair lightening during the summer months and your colour fading, but the more porous your hair is, the more damage the rays can cause. Meaning if you colour your hair you're more susceptible and even more so if you bleach it.
UV rays cause the most environmental damage to our hair and even more so than heat styling and chlorine!
Excessive exposure without protection will break down hair proteins, causing hair to break, weaken and dry out, making hair look dull and unhealthy.

I've picked my top five products for keeping my hair as healthy and protected as possible whilst the sun is shining, and I really have noticed a difference since using them religiously in this weather.

Bumble and Bumble Quenching Masque* £30 for 150ml - Making sure you use an intensive mask is important for adding back in that much needed moisture that the sun has taken, it's even more essential if you've been in a pool or the sea and have used a clarifying shampoo after. I love this mask by Bumble and Bumble, my hair feels so nourished after leaving it on for just ten minutes and it's definitely been keeping my hair soft and tangle free. 

Aveda Color Conserve Daily Color Protect* £19.50 for 100ml - This is definitely one for all your ladies who colour your hair. I have been using this every time I wash my hair since February and it definitely locks in my colour. I am now using it daily and have noticed no difference to my colour even when out in the sun all day when I normally would. If your colour fades quickly in the sun, spending money on this could save you a lot in the long run on colour refreshes!

Bumble and Bumble Tonic Lotion* £16 for 250ml - Not really a protector but if your hair is more susceptible to breaking because of the sun the last thing you want are tangled locks. This is such a multi-use product. It keeps my hair tangle free whilst prepping it before styling, it is great to use on my fringe if I've got a bit sweaty and want to refresh it without washing my whole hair and it smells incredible! 

Aveda Sun Care Protective Sun Veil* £21.50 for 100ml - Probably the one which most of us would normally never think to use. I definitely didn't until I received this. It wasn't until I knew what the sun was doing to my hair that I started reaching for this daily. It's basically spf for your hair, protecting it the way suncream does your skin, it forms a protective barrier to stop the UV rays penetrating the hair follicle. I make sure to spray this onto my scalp as well as most people forget to protect their but it burns as quickly as the rest of your exposed skin and can cause damage as well as dandruff. 

Wella SP Luxe Oil* £24.99 for 100ml - Oil is a natural heat protectent so even though I use this daily anyway, it makes sense to use it more than ever during the summer. Not only will the oil nourish your hair, it will also protect it form the heat stopping it from drying out as well as making hair more manageable and tangle free. Any oil will do but this is my preferred one as I know it works great at keeping my hair in excellent condition. 

Of course wearing a hat is advised too, but if you're not up for wearing one I hope these tops helped. 

Are you protecting your hair from the sun or neglecting it?


  1. I'm definitely going to be taking your advice, I go to Menorca at the end of August so this was very helpful. I also just bought the Bumble & Bumble Quenching mini set with the mask, shampoo and conditioner so that was lucky :)

    1. I'd definitely advise it if you're going abroad! I'd love to know what you think of the quenching set, I'll definitely be repurchasing the shampoo and conditioner once my huge stash has run down, they did wonders for my hair xx

  2. This is definitely a step that I skip on out on due to pure laziness, but I will look into some of these products!

    1. I did too until I realised the importance of it, hope it helps and you find new products to help keep your hair healthy and beautiful :) xx