Flashback Friday #10

Back in 2010 I headed to Bank in London on a very quiet Sunday to shoot for Numero magazine. I didn't realise how quiet the banking district is on the weekends, it was eerily deserted but meant that we had very few interruptions whilst we were shooting.

With space age clothing, blocked out eyebrows and blue hair extensions I loved the look and was so excited to shoot but not so excited about the fact that the photographer needed to get me as high as possible to get the best shot of the building behind me. The best thing they could find was an old wobbly table from outside a pub which we borrowed and moved from location to location. It was probably the most scared I've been on a job, being a few feet off the ground, on a tiny, unstable platform, in 6 inch heels whilst it was extremely windy. So windy that the lights blew over and smashed multiple times and in one instance I was actually blown off the table and luckily caught by the photographer. Glamorous right? But the final photos look incredible and it was definitely worth it!
What do you think?

Photographer: Shaun Cox
Styling: Anna Louise Hardy

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