GHD's Facebook Competition - Win A Friday Night Out In London

Last month I popped along to a studio in Shoreditch ready for a day of shooting for GHD's facebook competition. I wasn't told any details about the shoot so when I turned up I was excited to find out that none of the five hair stylists selected knew which model they would be working on. Normally before a shoot everything is planned so it was a nice change to have the element of spontaneity. 
The stylists were given all five models photos and information beforehand so that if they wanted the could plan for all of us just in case. Our names were then popped into a hat and picked at random. I was paired with Hair stylist Dylan Brittain from Rainbow Room International in Glasgow.

The brief they were given was: 'From anarchy to opulence. Our finalists were challenged with creating soft and touchable three dimensional hair with a punk-luxe theme'

The finalist with the most votes on their image wins a place on the GHD art team, so it was great to be a part of something that would change one of the stylists lives.

Here is the short interview from my hairstylist Dylan:
Why do you want to be in the art team?
The work that they do is amazing and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to work with some of the best in the industry.
What inspired your original entry? 
My inspirations came from a lot of the stuff that's going on the catwalks, so from Moschino all the way to what's happening on the streets,
Who would be your dream client? 
My dream client would be Madonna. She's been in the industry for decades and is constantly evolving her look. She's very inspirational.
Why did you choose a career in hairdressing?
When I left school I started off as a joiner but it wasn't for me. I went into hair t 19 and got drawn into the industry as its so creative. 

If you want to vote for your favourite entry and have your chance to win your ultimate friday night out with GHD then you can vote here.


  1. Oh my gosh you look amazing!!!!!! I love your hair so much, the colour is stunning xx

    Gemma | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

  2. This photo is awesome!your hair looks gorgeous and your make up looks so good!very cool!:-)