Sunday catch Up #12

The finished dress I made | Sam in his Tuxe | Alex making our masterpiece of a cake | Me and Dominique | Me and Sam | Our table at Georgia's Hollywood themed birthday | Bathroom Selfie | Me and the birthday girl after she gave me my best dressed award for making my dress! | Me and Alex carry out the cake | Our cake! | Wireless festival! | Cameron playing wireless | Rufio Summers headlining the bandstand at Wireless | Green park for lunch on Friday | A new photo from the amazing photographer Seye Isikalu | And another |

Such a hectic few weeks! I went to Newbury for my friend Georgia's 21st last weekend which was incredible, so nice to get out of London and spend a weekend in the country side. I had to get up ridiculously early on Sunday morning to head back for wireless festival where two of my friends were playing, they were amazing as always, and of course I loved seeing Justin Timberlake and Jay Z!

Works been busy with lots of castings, though I can't say I enjoy standing around in a stuffy room for hours queuing for them! But I do love the excitement of seeing new images.

I've been back in Brighton this weekend as my sister went into labor on Friday and has had a beautiful baby boy! He is gorgeous and so beautifully behaved, we had lots of cuddles this weekend before I have to head back up to London but I'll be home again in two weeks and cannot wait to see him again!

Hope you've all had wonderful weeks and are still enjoying this heat!!

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