Sunday Catch Up #12

Missing my blonde hair | Need a trip to the salon next week, my roots are awful and I need to get back to this colour | Making another dress for my friends wedding next week, option 1 | Option 2 | Need to dig out my old Mac Diva, it's such a beautiful colour | For those of you who haven't seen American Apparel are giving away free lipgloss | One of my all time favourite shoots | Lilac lips! On the blog soon |

I've not been well for most of the week so I haven't got a lot to catch up on! This week has been spent reminiscing and trying to decide what to do with my hair colour. As much as I miss the blonde, red is definitely best for work right now, but I've been putting off the hairdressers in fear that it will be dyed bright orange again rather than the beautiful light ginger shade I've got it too. If only I could just match my roots in to this easily! 

I've got a busy weekend next week with my friends surprise party, head home to Brighton again and my friends wedding on the Sunday. I'll be posting up the DIY I'm making for their present within the next few weeks, so easy but such a nice gift idea! I also might start posting the odd sewing tutorial if any of you would be interested? I'm hoping to turn my black gown from a few weeks back into an infinity dress so I get more use out of it so if all goes well I'll post that.

I've been photographing lots for the blog this week, I figured it was about time I showed my face rather than just when I have a professional team and photoshop on hand to help :p I personally think swatches are best when shown on, so from now on that's what you can expect! 

Hope you've all had a great week!

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