Wednesday Wishlist #10 Primark at ASOS

1. Hockey T-shirt - £6

After seeing that Primark was selling a selection on ASOS on many blogs I honestly wasn't interested at all at first. I have access to plenty of huge Primark's in London and although they can be a nightmare and quite busy at times I tend to pop in during the day when it isn't so bad and I find their sizes to range such a ridiculous amount that I like to try things on before I buy them, even if it means queuing for a little while. 
That was until I saw that the selection they had online I hadn't actually come across in any Primark recently! I'm not sure whether they've sold out of the stores I've been popping in to but I was pleasantly surprised. 

I'd seen the coat before and was actually considering buying it after wanting more expensive versions for a while this seemed like a total steal. I'd also seen the polka dot T-shirt but didn't realise that it was cropped and would look so cute. The Miami Jersy looks so incredibly comfy and great for dress down days. The two skater dresses are beautiful and look perfect for the summer and the bodycon midi I have in a different print and love it so I'd love to add another to my wardrobe.

Is it just me or do Primark's clothes look a lot more expensive when on beautiful models and photographed well? I can see things selling out fast!

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