Weleda Minis

Weleda is a brand I have really fallen in love with over the past few years so of course I jumped for joy when I received even more products to try out. I'd already tried the skin food before and if you read the blog regularly you will know how much I love it, as well as the almond facial oil. Both of which featured in my dry skin saviors post which you can read here.

Citrus refreshing body oil* 
A light body oil that melts into the skin when applied, with a light, non overpowering scent. I like to use this on damp skin after I've showered and love how soft and silky it leaves my skin. It nourishes it without leaving any greasy residue and absorbs faster than most of my lotions meaning I can get dresses faster which is a god send in the colder months. 

Wild rose smoothing day cream*
Intended for people in their 30s, this rich but lightweight cream sinks in quickly and doesn't leave my skin sticky or feeling heavy. It smells incredible and leaves my skin hydrated all day but not greasy. I can easily apply my make up over this without worrying about it sliding off. It may be too heavy for some so if so I'd recommend using the Wild rose soothing lotion instead, I've read its similar but lighter.

Almond soothing cleansing lotion*
A very gentle milky cleanser which removed my makeup easily and left my skin feeling soft and hydrated. Great for those with dry skin who hate that tight after cleanse feeling or equally good as a pre cleanse.

Skin food*
One of my all time favourite products. It smells great, is very rich and hydrating and dry patches are gone overnight, this rivals my Origins drink up intensive mask though it's more multi purpose and actually cheaper! For those of you not wanting to splash out on Origins I recommend getting a small sample of this.

Pomegranate regenerating hand cream*
Another amazing smelling product (they all do to me though!) it kept my hands soft and hydrated throughout the day even after washing. Aimed at older hands it claims to renew the skins elesticity and reverse the early signs of aging and age spots. I can't comment so much on this but I'll be passing on a tube to my mum to see what she thinks and will post a full review.

Wild rose soothing night cream*
Similar to the day cream but richer, this cream takes longer to soak in so I apply a little before bed. I wake up to hydrated skin with a little residue but a quick cleanse and my skin is left nourished and hydrated. 

Almond soothing facial oil*
Definitely one of my favourite products of theirs, this multi purpose oil not only is brilliant at removing make up but also perfect for an overnight calming and hydrating treatment. It has a light almond scent and is great for sensitive skin.

Yet again Weleda have not disappointed. It seems the more products I try from them the more I love the brand. They use good ingredients to create luxury products yet are such an affordable price. I also love how you can buy smaller samples from their website to test out first.

Have you tried Weleda before? What is your favourite product from them?


  1. These all sound so fantastic. I've never tried Weleda before, but they're definnitely on my radar now.

    Dejhana | Waite A Little

    1. They're such luxury products for such a reasonable price, and if you don't feel like paying for the full size, I love how you can trial them first from only £1.95. I'd love to know if you try any out!
      Sam xx