Argan Oil Hair Treatment

A little while I picked this up from Poundland as I've got a little hooked on hair oils after seeing how much of a difference they were making to my hair. I have no idea what make this is but I have seen very similar looking ones in Boots for around £10-£15 so I figured I'd give it a go for only £1.

I started off using this as I did my other hair oils, after washing on damp hair before drying and really wasn't a fan. It's quite thick and gloopy so it's not the easiest to give a light covering to hair and left my hair feeling quite limp and greasy looking. I put it away for a few weeks until I decided to mix it in with one of my hair masks and it worked brilliantly! It gave my mask a bit of a boost and left my hair even silkier and softer.
The next time I decided to use it alone on the ends as a pre wash treatment and again it worked brilliantly. One thing I'm not too keen on is the smell. It's not the nicest though it is mild so is easy enough to forget about it once it's applied 
The bottle isn't the biggest but for a pound I can't complain and it does seem to be lasting a while!

Overall I'm really enjoying using this! And knowing that it cost only £1 made it even better. Of course the downside is that it may not be there next time I go in so I may have to make the most of it while I have it!

Have you tried this argan oil from the Poundland? Have you picked up any Poundland Bargains lately?

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  1. They also sell this product in places such as tesco and savers.