Batiste Dry Shampoo - A Hint Of Colour - Vibrant & Red

Back when I was blonde I could pick up any dry shampoo and not care how white the residue was as you could never see it, but now it's a completely different story. I even tried their Lace one which apparently leaves barely any white roots but it was still very obvious no matter how much I brushed it. I found out about their Vibrant and Red one and knew I had to give it a try, the only problem was it that it's no longer on Batistse's or Boots website and no where seemed to stock it so I figured it had been discontinued (I'm still not sure on this so if any of you know please do say!) I accidentally stumbled across it in Boots at Liverpool Street station and snapped it up right away.

The first thing I always notice about Batiste dry shampoos is the smell. This one is quite musky and not my favourite but quite mild and unnoticeable once applied so I can definitely live with it. 

But the really amazing part of this if that I no longer get the white residue! While the colour isn't perfect for me personally, it's a little more bright red/copper than ginger as you can see above, if you work it in as normal and give it a brush through you can't really tell. Not only is it great at soaking up the excess oil in my hair in between washes, or adding in some volume, it's also brilliant at hiding my root regrowth a little in between trips to the salon. Which I couldn't be more grateful for as my hair grows so quickly.

My only negatives for this are that it is pretty messy. I've lost count of the amount of times I've applied this just before running out the door only to end up with a red forehead. Not a good look. I've also found that the colour transfers quite easily. If I don't set it with hairspray after I'm left with a red hand if I touch my hair, another look I'd like to avoid!

Overall though this is a brilliant product for us redheads! After bumble and Bumble discontinued their red hair powder I'm really hoping batiste haven't done that same otherwise my hunt for a great dry shampoo will have to continue. 

Their hint of colour range also includes Light & Blonde, Medium & Brunette and Dark and Deep

Have you tired the hint of colour range before? What's your favourite dry shampoo?


  1. They've recently updated the brunette design on the can, so hopefully that's why you can't find the red head version on the website. I only wish that they made mini versions of the hint of colour range because you need them the most when you're on the go. Love this range!

    1. Fingers crossed! I asked them and they said it's just available from larger boots so it looks like I'm safe!
      I definitely agree, they'd be brilliant for travelling with!

  2. Awesome! Id love to try the brown version. I really hate rubbing out that white cast!

    1. They do two brunette versions depending on the colour of your hair, I'd definitely recommend them, it makes such a difference not having those white roots!