Blemish Solutions - Fast Acting

Over the past few weeks my skin has decided that it's going to have a little hormonal outburst. The second I clear up one blemish, another pops up so I've been upping my targeted skincare to help prevent them but when they do rear their ugly heads I want to calm and eradicate them as quickly as possible, which is where these four products come in.

First up is pure tea tree oil. This has been my fail safe option since I was a teenager as it's naturally antibacterial and antiseptic. It clears up spots quickly without drying my skin out too much (though if it's too strong for you just dilute it) I love that it can also be worked into my skincare routine more by adding a few drops to my moisturiser or a mask. Also the cheapest of the four, a definite staple in my bathroom.

Next is Clean and Clear's Advantage Quick Clear Spot Treatment Gel. It claims to reduce spots in just 4 hours, which honestly is a little far fetched but this one is definitely best for day time use when I'm out and about. It is a clear gel formula which is easy to apply and can be used under or over make up, though I personally find if I put this under it balls up a bit making my foundation uneven so it's best to apply it over and set with a little powder if needs be. 

Third is Caudalie's Beauty Elixir. Not your typical spot treatment this is defintiely the most gentle out of the four which doesn't dry my skin out at all. I like to use this when I'm using the others to give my skin a bit of a moisture/radiance boost. It's not great for big angry spots but it does help calm blemishes, probably due to the rosemary and mint in it, and is easy to apply throughout the day over make up without ruining it at all. 

Lastly is Origins Super Spot Remover. Probably the hero product out of the four this gives me the most dramatic difference the quickest. A little of the clear gel applied to the blemish reduces it dramatically throughout the day or over night. It's the strongest of the lot meaning that this has burnt a little a few times I've put it on and it does dry my skin out with prolonged use but nothing that can't be fixed easily with a little exfoliate and moisturise. I prefer to use this overnight knowing that I'll wake up with a reduced blemish.

Hopefully my skin will start behaving again soon and these can go back to their place in my bathroom, but for now they are firm favourites in helping clear my skin up. 

Have you used any of these products before? What are your top ways to fight blemishes?