Flashback Friday #11

A few years ago I got up bright and early and headed over to a studio in East London to shoot for fabulous magazine. 

I was told at the casting it would be shooting Palazzo Pants and that they needed someone who could move to show them off. As I am a trained dancer they decided I'd be perfect but little did I know that in order to get the movement they wanted me on a trampoline in those heels! 
We started off with the lowest and chunkiest heels and I had a person either side of me holding on until I got the hang of it. I'll tell you it really isn't easy to jump on a trampoline in 5 inch heels, especially whilst looking glamorous and composed and thinking about details like flicking your hair and making sure the trousers looked perfect! My body went into panic mode at first and my legs started shaking until I calmed down realised that I'd be fine and if the worst happened they were insured so I started bouncing away and soon felt pretty comfortable doing it. The heels got higher and thinner and I did nearly get stuck in the trampoline at one point but after five outfits I felt like I'd been at the gym for a week solid. 
Luckily the photos came out perfectly and everyone was happy with them but I definitely wouldn't advise trying it at home ;) 

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